Let's work together to create the right environment for your trade show, conference or event!

Uniting people who want to share their passion and knowledge; meeting and networking— that is what we believe in!

Our core business is

creating an appealing environment together, in which we connect people. LIVE for physical trade shows, conferences and corporate events, and VIRTUAL with online 3D venues, virtual stands and seminars. That is our passion—day in, day out!

Go Live!

Are you organising a physical trade
show, conference or event?

Under our Eventbacking label, we support organisers with the realisation of their trade show, conference or event. We work together to create an efficient and attractive environment for visitors to achieve your goal.

Go Virtual!

Digital trade shows take
some getting used to.

For most of us, this is uncharted territory. Meeting, networking and sharing knowledge digitally—it may initially feel awkward, strange and impersonal. Do not be deceived, however. Virtual trade shows offer their own benefits


Antwerp Jobbeurs

Antwerp Jobbeurs

Antwerp Jobbeurs: The second edition of the Antwerp Jobbeurs in collaboration with Port of Antwerp and RAFC! #XPOworld

Successful edition of Aquarama Trade Fair

Successful edition of Aquarama Trade Fair

Those who were present yesterday in the Brabanthal in Leuven could witness satisfied faces from start to finish. After a forced corona - break the...