“Do what we promise and enjoy your work!”

Dirk van Bouchout, XPO.world

Who is XPO.world

XPO.world is made up of passionate professionals who work hard every day to make a difference to their clients, partners and suppliers. At XPO.world, we are united by passion for our profession, pushing our boundaries, innovation and always aiming to achieve the best results.

The balanced blend of experience from the senior staff and fresh new ideas from young talent forms an inspiring composition, in which the intended end result is always closely scrutinised.

Pleasure in our work is the best motivator to push the limits in every project.
Work enjoyment is key to us, and essential in a world of hard deadlines, last-minute changes and often short lead times.

We are Dirk, Kristof, Koen, Johny and Maurice. Together with our other colleagues, partners and suppliers, we make the difference through passion and service. We keep our promises!

The De Roeve Group?

XPO.world is a subsidiary of the De Roeve Group, which was founded by Koen de Roeve in 1991.

The De Roeve Group offers innovative, all-in-one production and automation solutions with companies such as De Roeve Industries, De Roeve Mechanical, De Roeve Act, Perdum, Agesia and De Roeve XPO. The De Roeve Group is a financially stable group whose strength lies in the complementarity of its specialisations; together, we form a single, autonomous centre of knowledge which is stronger than the sum of its parts.

De Roeve XPO?

XPO.world works with sister company De Roeve XPO to deliver technical services such as power distribution in halls, placement of power and water hookups at stands, lighting, rigging and truss constructions. De Roeve XPO has offices and warehouses at Brussels Expo, Flanders Expo and Namur Expo, among others, and is a privileged partner of Antwerp Convention, Brabanthal Leuven, Docks Dome Event Hall, Limburghal Genk, Waagnatie, San Marco Village, The EGG Brussels and Tour & Taxis.

Our mindset

“FULFILMENT” is the name of the game for us. We want to ensure that our customers derive satisfaction from our services and that our employees derive satisfaction from their jobs.

“ACT” is the mindset with which we design and implement our solutions. We create a pleasant, dynamic and open workplace full of energy and motivation, where our various specialisations complement and reinforce each other.

The De Roeve Group wants to create an oasis of inspiring employees that strengthens the economic continuity of its customers. We aim for a working environment in which our people can develop themselves, work autonomously, inspire each other and have maximum opportunities. Together, we have what it takes to offer high-quality, innovative and effective solutions.

Working at XPO.world

Have you always dreamt of working in a dynamic, creative world?
Are you looking for a challenging job in an exciting work environment rich with opportunity?
Do you perform well under pressure, with tight deadlines in an environment in which every day presents new challenges?

If you have the qualities to answer these questions positively, submit an application and we will get in touch with you.

Send an email with your resume to maurice.de.winter@XPO.world, addressed to Maurice de Winter

How does XPO.world contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility?

XPO.world wants to contribute to society. We do this by keeping the environment and people in mind in everything we do. Our business operations require the commitment of all employees to act sustainably at every stage of the process.

Under our label Eventbacking, with which we support organisers in the realisation of their physical trade show, conference or event, that includes the following:

  • All of our modular stands are sustainable;
  • Reusing materials;
  • Renting out products;
  • Using LED lighting;
  • Offering recycled furniture;
  • Offering recycled carpet;
  • Recycling waste.

Our virtual environments with online 3D venues, virtual business and product presentations, and seminars offered under our i-XPO label significantly reduce the CO2 impact on the environment through the elimination of reactivities and logistic movements..