“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’ working with De Roeve”

Hanne Carmans, Epic Events

Experience the benefits of hybrid trade shows, conferences and events.

XPO.world believes in hybrid trade shows and conferences. Harness the unique benefits of both LIVE and VIRTUAL for a HYBRID event which is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Virtual trade shows, conferences and events allow visitors to quickly and effectively get in touch with the right people and companies through available data and filtering functions. Visitors can orient themselves, receive information about products and services, and plan agreements. It is perfect to prepare for a physical trade show, conference or event efficiently and purposefully, saving time that would otherwise be wasted on unnecessary conversations.

Additional benefits of virtual include:

  • unlimited reach, contacting with each other quickly and easily from all over the world without a physical presence;
  • cost and time savings, reduced threshold to attending a trade show, conference or event;
  • environmentally friendly—elimination of reactivities and logistic transports significantly reduces CO2 emissions;
  • Information and presentations are available 24/7, information and presentations missed due to time overlap, appointments or time difference can be viewed later.

Meeting LIVE and the personal contact at physical trade shows, conferences and events is considered to be a great advantage over VIRTUAL meetings by participants and visitors alike. The fact that you can stimulate all five senses LIVE is of great added value. A LIVE trade show, conference or event always provides immediate feedback, direct customer responses and face-to-face interactions between participants and visitors.
Meeting, doing business and granting favours LIVE will always exist, but the unique possibilities of VIRTUAL make things much more efficient. Ultimately, it’s about making valuable contacts and generating leads and assignments.

In these uncertain times caused by COVID-19, you limit your risk by being able to offer your participants and visitors a virtual exhibition as an alternative if your LIVE exhibition, congress or event cannot take place. This allows you to stay in touch with your visitors. During virtual events, you can also generate participants for your physical trade show, conference or event.

Are you convinced of the value of a hybrid trade show, conference or event?

We are happy to discuss the possibilities in further detail during an introductory meeting. You are welcome at our offices in Lokeren (Belgium) or Waddinxveen (the Netherlands), or we can come to you.

We look forward to meeting you!